Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - July 11, 1991

This page is dedicated to the memory of our friends
and co-workers who died aboard MXQ,
As well as the 247 other people who died that day.
There were no survivors.

Photo taken by Zulal Cartmell

Back L-R:
Kay Smith (Service Director), Deb Salej, Susan Edwards (not on Flight 2120), Dolores Colacci
Front L-R: 
Carol Prott, Munir Velgi (Purser), Louisa Mangoff, and Gaynor Bryson

Flight Attendants not pictured above: Caroline LeClerc, Zulal Cartmell
Flight Crew not pictured above: William Alan, Kent Davidge, Victor Fehr

Other employees not pictured aboveAldo Tettamanti (Project Manager), Jean-Paul Phillipe (Lead Mechanic)

If anyone has photos of employees not pictured , I'd be happy to include them here. Please contact me.

Photos taken by Zulal Cartmell and graciously
sent for use here by her sister Gusha.

   Flight Attendant: 
Caroline LeClerc
       Photo of Caroline LeClerc
       courtesy of Serge Bernier
Flight Engineer: 
Victor Fehr
Photo of Victor Fehr
courtesy of Robert Fehr
Project Manager: 
Aldo Tettamanti
Photo of Aldo Tettamanti
 courtesy of Renzo Tettamanti

Nationair Canada Toronto Memorial 

The Nationair Memorial is located at the GTAA offices at 3111 Convair Drive in Mississauga, close to the Toronto Pearson Airport.

The tree and plaque can be found on the right-hand side of the walkway leading to the front door of the building.

The memorial honours the Nationair Canada crew members and Nigerian pilgrims who died on July 11, 1991 when their DC8 crashed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Rip. Too bad due to negligence in filling nitrogen and retracting gears that resulted in expansion of fire. Aviation is deadly of even minor mistakes. Rip crew n pilgrims.

  2. Just watching a tv show on Discovery Channel about the crash, how horrible, right now they are talking about two colours of ink on the logs of the tire pressures .. may they all RIP

  3. Just watching a tv show on Discovery Channel about the crash, how horrible, right now they are talking about two colours of ink on the logs of the tire pressures .. may they all RIP

  4. Horrible, just horrible! But because of this and other disasters I believe there is a heaven because no live would not make sense!
    Yes I believe they are in heaven!

  5. All of these many years later, those who worked with you and loved you still remember..... you are still in our hearts
    Natalie Huc
    Former flight attendant, Nationair

    1. Natalie? i'm not sure if u remember me,,i was Caroline fiance...

  6. Watching Mayday my heart goes out to all the family and friends of the lovely ppl who were on board this flight. I am so very sorry this happened. I cant help but have tears for all of you. God bless and may they all RIP.

  7. Hard to believe that 26 years ago today, I lost my best friend Kay Smith on MXQ. Rest in eternal peace sweet Kay with the rest of our Nationair colleagues. Still miss you too much. Allan

  8. I just heard about this story. I’m so sorry the lives of your friends and colleagues were cut short by this horrible accident. I do know how you feel however because my dad was a passenger on flight 103. Time may heal but the empty space remains. My prayers are with you.

  9. Kay, another year has passed and you are as missed today as you were on that fateful day. Rest in eternal peace with your crew and passengers. Allan

    1. Hi Allan, you may not remember me, we flew together at Odyssey and I went to Mationair as well with Kay. I was Christine Davies back then, and Kay was such a dear friend to me that year we were working at Nationair. I still think of her all these years later as well. Where did you end up afterwards? I left nationair right after the crash and moved out west. Hope all is well with you, I remember many laughs flying with you and kay.

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  11. 28 years ago today, we lost our loved ones. For many 28 years is a life time, for me it seems just like yesterday that we lost you Kay. I hope as you would say "that your toes are curling" up in Heaven. Rest in well earned peace Kay with your crew and pax. You are all sorely missed , but dearly loved and remembered. Your friend Allan

  12. 29 years since that day we lost you my dear friend Kay. Sorely lost but always dearly remembered. Rest in eternal peace well earned. Allan

  13. Thirty years ago today, on a hot Thursday, far away in the city of Jeddah, our lives were to change forever.  Little did we know that would never see our loved ones ever again as they took their final flight into the arms of our Lord.  It would be the end an era and the beginning of the marking of the anniversary of how many years since we lost you. 

    Not a day goes by that I don't think of you Kay;  all the what ifs and what would you be doing. 

    What would you think about this or that.  

    30 years, 3 decades, one generation. No matter how we measure it, it is much too long. Where has the time gone? 

    You are missed as greatly today as on that fateful day on July 11, 1991. 

    Rest in peace well-earned  dear Kay and all our loved ones who perished on that fateful day 30 years ago.

    Sorely missed,  but dearly remembered.

    Your friend always,


  14. Thirty years ago our lives changed forever as news of the crash reached all of us. Memories don't fade - we remember our friends and family that were on board that aircraft. Zulal -you were a cherished friend and your beautiful spirit will be with me always..... your friend Jane xo

  15. i remember that fateful day, Caroline told me it would be her last flight after hearing all the problems the retrofit-plane problems it had,,,,we were to marry 6mths prior to the crash....ive nevver been the same,,,missya girl,,,